Ryu Shinkuu Hadoken Glitch

So, i was playing online yesterday and this happened…

I dont know if this was in MVSC3 or if anyone else has experienced this, but I didn’t see it anywhere else on youtube as far as I could search.
I thought it was pretty funny and cool so i replicated it and posted it. I bet the person I was playing yesterday was like SAY WHAAAAAAT?!?



Frank West Overhead Reset 100%

Frank is at it again. In lvl 4 and 5, Frank’s j. m is, in my opinion, one of the best overheads in the game. Its fast, and it is derp easy to hit confirm and combo into.

If you dont want to go for the reset, you can end this combo after the first dante assist with Survival Tactics hyper for more than 800,000 damage ( I dont remember how much more, but a good deal more. lol. ) All off of one instant overhead. and the combo builds the meter you need to finish with a hyper.

This is as much damage as i am going to try to get out of this, as i found its not as useful in reality as it looks here lol.

Final damage count: 1,564,000